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Red Tractor Party Plates

... and then mom said: "Let them eat cake!"

...from these super fun party plates! And the crowd cheered, and then gobbled the half-chocolate, half-white cake, and then ran around the house like crazy little monkies.

Yes, these party plates can produce such an effect! If you're having a tractor-themed party, it's the only way to go... make everything match! Even the FDA approves these plates, not only as food safe, but as not exceeding humanly possbile levels of fun.

  • Dimensions: 7" or 9"
  • Sold in sets of eight.
  • Food safe.
  • Printed in USA.
  • Customize the message.
  • 7" Diameter -- $13.20 (for 8 plates)
  • 9" Diameter -- $15.20 (for 8 plates)

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