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Vintage Farm Tractor Holiday Stickers

Vintage farm tractor Christmas stickers

Stick 'em on envelopes, gifts, wine bottles...

Spread some colorful country holiday cheer with this vintage farm tractor Christmas sticker. We think it's perfect on any gift, gift bag, envelope... we've even seen them on wine bottles at holiday dinners! This is one of several items that matches the Retro Farm Tractor Christmas Card. (See below for images of matching items.)

Since this sticker comes in two sizes, the small size (1.5 inches) is perfect for cupcake toothpick stickers!

The sticker is easy to customize, if you want -- just fill in the words you want once you click through to the Zazzle site where this card is hosted.

Just like the matching Christmas card, this envelope seal has high-quality printing. The sticker is scratch resistant on the front and the back has a easy-to-peal-off back. There are two sizes to choose from: 1.5" and 3".

Note that the envelopes shown here are specialty envelopes -- these are not the envelopes that come with the matching invitations.

  • Fully customizable
  • 2 sizes to choose from: 1.5" or 3"
  • Glossy or matte
  • Ships within 24 hours
  • Comes in sheets of 20 (twenty) 1.5" or 6 (six) 3"
  • 1 sheet of 20 (twenty) 1.5" forĀ $5.50
  • Discounts with bulk orders

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Vintage Farm Tractor Cupcake Sticker

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