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Country Christmas Farm Postage Stamps

Winter Country Christmas Memories Postage Stamp

Looks great on matching Christmas card!

If you've seen our Country Tractor and Barn Christmas Cards, you'll already know that this postage stamp is part of that matching set. We photographed this scene during a cold winter several years ago, before this aging barn collapsed. Today, this is a beautiful reminder of the glory days of past on the farm.

Both the Christmas card and this stamp can be fully customized, just look for the text tools when you click through to the Zazzle site, where this stamp is processed and shipped.

For this stamp, you can choose from three different stamp sizes -- a medium is shown here and fits best with this design. You can change the size, though, and you can also change the denomination. So, if you want to use these on, for example, post cards, or big envelopes, you can choose the postage size and denominations that suits your needs.

  • Fully customizable -- change all or just some of the text
  • 3 stamp sizes (check to be sure image fits each stamp size!) -- Medium size shown
  • 12 postage denominations to choose from
  • Made in USA
  • Zazzle is a USPS approved licensed vendor
  • Sheet of 20 forĀ $23.75
  • Discounts with bulk orders

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