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Red or Green? Take your time...

Cute hoodie for a farm kid!

Here's a great gift idea for young farmers: a sweatshirt hoodie that shows no decision yet on which tractor color they'll fancy when they're the farmer in the family! Give the kid some time to figure it out!

We know it might be tough for a little one to choose between red and green, so this hoodie says it all: "I'm Still Deciding..."

High-quality shirts and sweatshirts are from, where you can choose from literally dozens of styles and color options. Put this design on adult t-shirts and hoodies, too! Heck, it's a family thing!

  • Hanes ComfortBlendĀ® Hooded Sweatshirt shown
  • Dozens of styles and colors available for this design
  • Machine wash, dry low
  • $34.95 for style shown

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